Functions: Vertical Line Test

In my Educational Media Applications class we created green screen projects and my team decided to do ours on The Vertical Line Test. The video turned out pretty funny and the group had a blast! Feel free to check out our video here: Functions Video: Vertical Line Test  Enjoy! 🙂

function machine



Kahoot! is a tool for formative assessment that I was introduced to this semester during my pre-student teaching experience at Platteville Middle School. A Kahoot! is a collection of questions on any specific subject, lesson, or topic.There are thousands of premade Kahoot’s by teachers, students, business professionals, community members and more. During a Kahoot! questions are asked in real-time, allotting a pre determined amount of time for each question. Each Kahoot! has a personalized pin number that can be entered on any smart phone or tablet device for an unlimited number of  students to participate. This type of assessment allows the students to socialize and have fun and be competitive in a game like setting while also actively engaging with the content. During the Kahoot! points are given for a correct answer as well as speed and at the end of each question the top 5 players names are shown on the screen, or SMART board. My students always looked forward to the days when we did a Kahoot! in class!

 In my experience, Kahoot! is a great review activity before an exam, as well as a great pre and post assessments to gauge the effectiveness and success of a lesson. Kahoot’s are free and easy to use. You can create an account and use any of the many available pre made Kahoots or even create and edit your own. I would highly reccommend incorporating Kahoot into your classroom, your won’t regret it and your students will love it!

To learn more  and try Kahoot! on your own visit: Kahoot! or check out this tutorial here: How to Use Kahoot!

Enjoy! 🙂


SAMR Model


The SAMR model is an education technology integration model that stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. To learn more about SAMR check out the following resources for incorporating SAMR in any content area: SAMR Model: Technology is Learning and 8 Examples of SAMR Lessons

Here is a link to a video I made explaining SAMR use in a mathematics classroom as well: MISSION EDUCATION: The SAMR Model

After exploring the SAMR model and the benefits of technology integration in the classroom, I am going to strive to reach the Modification and Redefinition levels of the model as often as I can to give my students the best learning opportunities. However, I know that being realistic, some days and lessons that level of integration will not be possible due to available resources and time for instruction. I will make the most of the resources offered to me in my school district and continue to research and learn throughout my career as a teacher to help my students become even more engaged and invested in their learning of mathematics.

Things That Make me go”Hmmm…”: Google Drive

This semester I am learning a lot about what a powerful tool Goggle Drive is in my Educational Media Applications class. Google Drive is allowing for students to work collaboratively with students in other sections of the same class, whether in the same school or across the country, have access to materials they have created or that are created by their teacher from any computer, and so much more. Google drive is changing how teachers can structure and assign projects. Group work is made easier and hands on learning is more accessible. Teachers and school districts should care and explore this tool to take advantage of the opportunity to actively engage students in their learning, by allowing students to create something that they can feel proud of and invest in. As a future math teacher, I am still exploring all that Google has to offer me in resources. One avenue off of Google Drive that I have enjoyed exploring is Google +, a website in the spirit of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where people share articles, resources, projects and tools, among other things, that can be extremely beneficial in your classroom. I would love to know more about what specifically how other Math teachers at the Middle and High School level are incorporating Google Drive into their classroom. I would also like to know student’s perspectives on using Google Drive in their classrooms, is it something they enjoy, or do they enjoy Microsoft software better? I have a lot more research to do before I am an expert on all Google Drive has to offer. If you are also curious on how to use and incorporate Google Drive into your classroom explore these two sites: 31 Tips for Using Google Drive and 100 Ways to Use Google Drive in the Classroom


google drive

Women History Month Graphic

Women History Month

March is Women History Month, and as a Resident Assistant, I chose to create a bulletin board to educate my residents on some of the great accomplishments of women throughout our history.These women overcame great adversity and are excellent role models for all women to look up to. I edited this picture using PicMonkey. I wanted to make the bricks look darker and more red orange to draw more attention as well as create a more home like feel, I also used a Focal point around the title of the bulletin board to focus the attention of the viewer on the topic at hand as well as highlight some of the names that appear on the board. I also made use of contrast and brightness effects to brighten the construction paper behind each woman’s name.

Here is the original image:

Women History Month

Definitely not as fun, clear, or bright right?

Evolution of Technology Integration

Up until I started high school, we did not have access to much technology. We had hard cover books we took to class and 2 computer labs and a library lab filled with bulky desktop computers. We mainly only used computers for research projects and making Power Point presentations, but that was about it. In high school, my school received a grant and about 10 of our classrooms received Promethean boards, interactive white boards. One of these classrooms was my Spanish classroom. All of us thought the Promethean board was so cool, we loved taking the quizzes with the individualized egg shaped Activevotes (which have now been replaced with the new technology of ActiveExpression), and enjoyed writing on the board to play games, complete activities, or simply conjugate verbs. Looking back, I can reflect on how much the level of student engagement in our Spanish classroom skyrocketed from access to this one technological tool.

Not even eight years later, the schools I have had the opportunity to work in during my service learning look completely different in terms of technology integration.Today many schools have classroom sets of i pads, chrome books, or tablets and others even have one for one technology access where each student gets a device to use during the school day and use at home as well. Schools can buy electronic versions of books so that students do not have to carry textbooks to class, teachers can use apps to provide students with more opportunities to increase procedural fluency and understanding of topics, as well as actively engage students in lessons using online tools such as Kahoot.

I think this increase in technology has come around for many reason. One reason is the growing dependence of society on technology. Our instinct now is to always be connected. We are constantly asking Google, checking Facebook, and using apps on our smart phones. With all of this technology at our fingertips, there are so many more opportunities for students to learn, while incorporating and expanding on the technology and tools that they already use on a daily basis. Another reason is affordability. With its many improvements, technology has become more affordable and accessible. School districts can now afford to provide students with more access to the beneficial technology with the aid of grants. In order to learn, students must be engaged, and to educate the next generation of learners, greater technology integration is a must.