Kahoot! is a tool for formative assessment that I was introduced to this semester during my pre-student teaching experience at Platteville Middle School. A Kahoot! is a collection of questions on any specific subject, lesson, or topic.There are thousands of premade Kahoot’s by teachers, students, business professionals, community members and more. During a Kahoot! questions are asked in real-time, allotting a pre determined amount of time for each question. Each Kahoot! has a personalized pin number that can be entered on any smart phone or tablet device for an unlimited number of  students to participate. This type of assessment allows the students to socialize and have fun and be competitive in a game like setting while also actively engaging with the content. During the Kahoot! points are given for a correct answer as well as speed and at the end of each question the top 5 players names are shown on the screen, or SMART board. My students always looked forward to the days when we did a Kahoot! in class!

 In my experience, Kahoot! is a great review activity before an exam, as well as a great pre and post assessments to gauge the effectiveness and success of a lesson. Kahoot’s are free and easy to use. You can create an account and use any of the many available pre made Kahoots or even create and edit your own. I would highly reccommend incorporating Kahoot into your classroom, your won’t regret it and your students will love it!

To learn more  and try Kahoot! on your own visit: Kahoot! or check out this tutorial here: How to Use Kahoot!

Enjoy! 🙂



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