Things That Make me go”Hmmm…”: Google Drive

This semester I am learning a lot about what a powerful tool Goggle Drive is in my Educational Media Applications class. Google Drive is allowing for students to work collaboratively with students in other sections of the same class, whether in the same school or across the country, have access to materials they have created or that are created by their teacher from any computer, and so much more. Google drive is changing how teachers can structure and assign projects. Group work is made easier and hands on learning is more accessible. Teachers and school districts should care and explore this tool to take advantage of the opportunity to actively engage students in their learning, by allowing students to create something that they can feel proud of and invest in. As a future math teacher, I am still exploring all that Google has to offer me in resources. One avenue off of Google Drive that I have enjoyed exploring is Google +, a website in the spirit of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where people share articles, resources, projects and tools, among other things, that can be extremely beneficial in your classroom. I would love to know more about what specifically how other Math teachers at the Middle and High School level are incorporating Google Drive into their classroom. I would also like to know student’s perspectives on using Google Drive in their classrooms, is it something they enjoy, or do they enjoy Microsoft software better? I have a lot more research to do before I am an expert on all Google Drive has to offer. If you are also curious on how to use and incorporate Google Drive into your classroom explore these two sites: 31 Tips for Using Google Drive and 100 Ways to Use Google Drive in the Classroom


google drive


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