What I Learned From Fellow Bloggers!

This Semester in Ed Media Apps, every students created a blog. Throughout the semester I have checked out several of my peers blogs, and learned a lot about great resources out there for educators, as well as benefited from my peers perspective on different topics. Here are three of my favorite posts from this semester.

  1. Twiddla: My good friend Sara incorporated the very interesting, free tool to help with communication and collaboration with students, Twiddla. The website allows for you to write and draw on any websites, graphics or documents. You can also have students communicate with this tool using audio to brainstorm on a project when both students are in different locations.I think Twiddla is a great tool that I will explore more on in the future. I like that you can invite many people to join the project and interaction, and it is always a bonus to be free for teachers to use! To see more of what Sara has to say on other Education Topics visit her blog here!

2. Stephanie has gone above and beyond with her blog, it looks amazing and she shares a lot of great information on it. I would highly encourage you to check out her blog here. One post of Stephanie’s that I really enjoyed was Developing My Digital Footprint. In this post Stephanie talks about the importance of developing your digital foot print as an educator as well as your Personal Learning Network. I really liked the way Stephanie formatted her post with all of the links to resources on how to develop these two things, as well discussing her concerns and plans, it definitely got me thinking about what more I could be doing to use the internet to better prepare for my future career. I also appreciated the note that developing a PLN leads to more people to bounce ideas off of and share resources and lessons plan ideas with to collaborate in creating the best learning environment for our students, which in the end is the ultimate goal of education. 🙂

3. Each of the students were asked to have incorporate a guest blogger into their blog this semester. Paula had asked the Instructional Technology and Information Specialist, Kris McCoy, from Mineral Point to guest blog for her. I really enjoyed this post for two reasons. One I thought it was great to here someone of Kris’s position explain the importance of SAMR and digital learning to engage our students. It really validates what we have been learning all semester in Ed Media Apps. I also thought it was cool to read about the opportunities that Google and Google for Education Training has to offer. I definitely will be looking in to this training to boost my resume and become more prepared for my future in education. Check out the blog post for yourself here or Paula’s entire blog here!

I want to give a shout out to everyone in Ed Media Apps for your great work with the blogs, they all look fantastic! 🙂


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