What can I find on this blog?

On this blog, I will be taking the opportunity to share my thoughts on technology integration in the classroom. In doing this, I will draw on my knowledge from my academic courses and formal research, as well as sharing ideas from more casual sources. Examples of these include lesson plans and activities I feel would be beneficial to my peer educators that I find on various social media sites such as Pinterest. As a future Mathematics teacher, many of the activities I share will be geared towards math, but can be molded to fit other academic subjects as well.



Final Semester!

Hello All! This semester is my last one here at UWP, and with that, I have plans to make it a great one. Some goals I have for myself are to:

  • Become a more well rounded educator through my ed media apps course as well as my learning and language disorders course.
  • Make great connections with students and professionals through my student teaching experience.
  • Finally, my goal is to remember to make time for myself and enjoy these last few months having adventures with my fellow Pioneers.

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